Malcolm X’s Grandson

I am feeling some kind of way about the death of Malcolm X’s grandson. Malcolm Shabazz was a troubled youth with a young adult life riddled with stints in jail, accusatory / biased interviews and a male heir left behind to fill the shoes and walk in the footsteps of one our most celebrated and feared leaders.
Born to Qubilah, X’s second oldest daughter, Malcolm had a pretty unsturdy childhood. His grandmother, Betty Shabazz, widow of X, took him in to ensure a proper education, love and training. While bored one night with nothing to do and searching for attention, Malcolm started a fire that resulted in his grandmother being hospitalized for 3rd degree burns because she was looking for him inside of the home. She passed away a few weeks later. He was 12 years old.
It seems that in later interviews Shabazz showed great remorse and hoped to get his life on track. Even though he was never forgiven by some of his aunts for the tragic death of his grandmother, he was held in high esteem and worth by the likes of Denzel Washington, Russell Simmons, just to name a few.
His death seems to be the result of a robbery. But, he was robbed a long time ago by a society that throws black males into the system-no matter who they are (or who their grandaddies are)-and it allows their core and their souls and hearts to harden in a way where injustice and negativity will always find a home.
He passed away in Tijuana, Mexico at the age of 28. No details yet on a funeral. One has to wonder why this isn’t being considered MAJOR news. One has to wonder what is the actual cause of death. The point is — the small group of people who are wondering this, myself included, need to join together to get answers. Link to blogs that have this story-tweet about it-our voices have to be heard. The comments that follow various USA Today articles about this are absolutely disgusting and just show how much of a minority we really are in America.
RIP. Peace and Love. Hopefully all he has been searching for his entire life is in his grandad’s arms in Heaven.
Respectfully fab.


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