Virgin Drinks

My hubby and I go out A Lot. I was his partner in crime, drinking buddy, funtime girl…now I am pregnant and no drinks for me. So that also is making me a designated driver :/ Boo twice.
Anyhoo, I order virgin frozen somethings when we go out so we laugh, take pics, and I don’t feel completely left out. (I kind of do, but I don’t tell him)
Due to my vast love and affinity for Mexican food -even before pregnancy- I get to have lots of frozen goodies!!!! Yum 😉
Problem is many restaurants may not have frozen specialties because they do not have blenders!!! They need to get with the times. I think the same way restaurants have a healthy eating right menu and kids’ menu-they should cater to preggos. They would get my $$$.
Have a fab cinco de mayo!



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