Linea Negra

Okay so this is like a science/health/OB lesson. The linea negra is the line on your belly that helps the Dr. or nurse practitioner measure your uteral fundus. This measures the growth of your lil bundle.
I have always had a very faint line that I viewed as one of my idiosyncracies like my beauty marks, thick eyebrows and freakishly long legs. Then I got pregnant.
I have soon discovered that my once lil faint line is now going bezerk. It had the nerve to be crooked and at the rate it is going-by the time I am 25 weeks it will look like a 4 yr old got a hold of a black Sharpie and decided to not like me!!!
I keep reading ( in several books ) it goes back to normal. -fingers crossed- because I can tell you right now this fab momma still plans on wearing bikinis 😉


Say what???

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