Our First Married Christmas

Christmas 2012—I was exhausted and preparing food for forty people. There were certain points in the process that I thought I was going temporarily insane. I mean really- I felt like I was hallucinating. Partly because I was cooking for wayyyy too many people and the other part because our first married Christmas turned out to be our only married Christmas without a kiddo. Okay, don’t be too surprised (blog title duh)

Yep, I whizzed on a stick (and part of my hand) and my entire life changed. It was funny because I wasn’t really expecting it, but I did think it was a nice Christmas gift for my husband- who going forward will have to get some type of nickname- He is simply over the moon with the idea. And as one of my Christmas gifts bought me Hello Kitty pjs in a size large. LOL. I am excited too, but probably a little more shocked than anything. We found out about a week before Christmas and promised that we would not tell anyone what was going on for quite some time. I am writing all of these blog posts in the meantime until we go public LOL

So this fab momma is gonna have a wee one. I really wanted to blog about pregnancy and child rearing when you think you have got it going on and that all comes to a SCREECHING HALT. SO this blog will consist of all types of jumbled randomness. It will have baby stuff, family, friends, opinion pieces, news updates, recipes, a smattering for the readers I say. I hope you enjoy going on this little nifty journey with me. If you know me or used to read my old blog – you already know I am crazy as the dickens so you can only imagine what is in store.

Oh and Christmas went off without a hitch- everyone loved the food that I D’Jangoed over and all was right with the world.



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