She’s Backkkkkk

Haha, yep I am back from my little mini hiatus from blogging. It was just TOO much going on and oh how I have missed letting my words dance across the page.

So interestingly, there is a lot going on in my world (per the usual) but my hiatus stemmed from a bunch of mess, coupled with a new marriage, but mainly mess.

It seems that there are some people in the world who were not too fond of my oldie but goodie blog because of random words like Mofos and WTH and all things that at this point I wish (ohhhh how I wish) that I would have spelled out in full. This resulted in a very Law and Orderesque scenario, which was just too foolish for me to waste a whole lot of words. Instead of allowing my fabulous blog to lose its integrity and be dragged through the dirt-I deleted it. Yep, sure did. Luckily, I have a few saved (not many out of 300, but enough to randomly pop them up on here). Anyhoo, what burns me up the most is that instead of people looking at all of the good I did with the blog…HELLO Breast Cancer Awareness, World AIDS Day, posts about my Mom and Grandma, etc, these jerkface losers decide to focus on drinking (Mimosas and champagne mind you, which are very classy I must say) and my other silly foolishness. But enough about that- I am on to bigger and better. AND IN CASE YOU ARE THE LAME WHO WAS READING THE LAST TIME AND FELT THE NEED TO REPORT–I HAVE A FRIEND AND HER NAME IS KARMA.

In other news, another reason it took me so long to come back is because the blogosphere is OFF THE CHAIN. I write to write- others do not. They write for #s, FB likes, comments, and all types of other stuff that my life does not have the time for at all. It was getting pretty intense and it had me questioning my craft, but in all reality I love writing. I went to school for it. So no matter how the thirst flows around on the world wide web, I will still be little old me. Either way- I did buy a domain (blogger jargon) for another blog I was going to start and then well what do you know –life happened to me and I wanted to do this blog instead.

Man this is getting long-told you I have missed you 🙂

Alright, for returning readers YAY. New readers HEY and everyone in between if you are a hater- kick several rocks.



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